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Sonny Bates, Superintendent / Ardmore City Schools      A Message
                           from the
Dear Students and Parents,
On behalf of the Ardmore Board of Education , administration, faculty, and staff, I want to welcome you to an exciting school year which will be filled with the flavor of change.  As your Superintendent of I want to emphasize the high standards and expectations we are setting for each of you and our school system. I believe there is no higher in America than the education, care and well being of our young people and the reason is clear. Our young people will determine the quality and character of future generations.
It is my belief that to be truly successful, education must be a partnership between , parents, students, and the community at large.  The “No Child Left Behind” federal legislation has been put in place to ensure this type of partnership.  It has captured the nation’s attention and taken on a sense of urgency.  With this urgency to heighten the academic successes of our students, the ability to seamlessly “change’ or transition to meet these expectations are imperative.  Parents!  “You must you wish to see in the world.” – Ghandi.  I urge you to to be a contributing and positive member of Ardmore City Schools.
I want to encourage you to review our school system websites, , calendar and school handbooks.  We feel these resources will provide guidelines that will help you and your (s) to meet the standards in academics, conduct, and co-curricular activities within the school district.  I am confident this study will enrich your family’s school experience. 
In future issues of “A Message from the Superintendent,” I will provide information concerning new initiatives which are ongoing in the district such as the new teacher and administrator evaluation system, inclusion, A-F Report Cards, crisis , professional learning communities, partnerships, etc...  These initiatives along with the many ongoing activities within the district are contributors to educating the whole child.
Recognizing that is not merely a destination but a journey, I want to challenge each of you to use your talents wisely, be positive, and settle for nothing less than our very best effort. Making responsible decisions, with your children’s best interest at heart, will lay and the foundation of excellence we want to establish in Ardmore.

In closing, I want to express my personal appreciation to our parents and community for entrusting us with your student’s development.  Thank you for helping us accomplish goals in the past and your efforts in reaching the goals still ahead.  Working and communicating together we will have an outstanding year.
Sonny Bates, Superintendent
Ardmore City Schools